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What if everything we know about conventional financial wisdom was wrong?
Traditional planning has taught you to making independent financial decisions, consult with multiple advisors, and to purchase various financial products throughout that process.  

Our experience has proven that traditional mass prescribed financial guidance has put people in a very awkward position of being in the middle of their advisors, financial institutions and financial products.   We feel that most people are not in a position to make intelligent financial choices because of this outdated financial thinking.   It becomes extremely challenging to understand the results of what we refer to as "junk drawer planning".

Imagine you were to build a house with no architectural blueprints, or engineering.  How would you coordinate the builders to lay the foundation, construct the framing, install the insulation, electric and plumbing?  It would be incredibly challegning, and inefficient.  

We have found that most people approach building their financial house this way.  By having no blueprint, coordination or integration among advisers, institutions and products, this most often results in major financial distress.  It creates vulnerability to the eroding factors of wealth.  It incurs unnecessary risk and requires guesswork.      

No guesswork here... our process is build on a foundation of fact based decision making.   










statēra - (genitive statērae); balance












Yes, there is another path to your destination of optimal Financial Balance®. 

Our process driven approach allows for greater control over your financial decisions. 
By taking you out of the awkward position of being in the middle of your advisors, institutions and financial products,  you will gain a wide angle, holistic, 4 dimensional view of your entire financial landscape.  

We coordinate your financial areas of Protection, Assets, Liabilities and Cash Flow into one organized financial model.  This puts you in a better position to begin having intelligent, authentic, fact based financial conversations about your current  and future financial strategies. 

Our focus of attention is to become your macro-manager.  This holistic approach to personal finance synchronizes your advisers, strategies and financial institutions to work together more efficiently, and harmoniously.  This results in providing you with ultimate confidence in your new journey of sustainable wealth building, maximizing protection and living financially balanced.







are you ready for a holistic perspective?